Upgrades and Migration

There are many reasons to consider upgrading. For example:
Upgrading may provide access to new functionality and software applications that can help keep your organization well positioned to meet your business objectives through leveraging the latest technology
In an increasingly rigorous regulatory compliance environment, upgrading may facilitate compliance at a lower cost through retiring customizations and deploying standard processes across your organization
Upgrading will allow you to leverage the latest performance and usability enhancements, enabling you to increase the efficiency of your applications and your business
You may need to upgrade to remain eligible for the highest levels of product support
In evaluating any upgrade, there are many factors to consider such as support time frames, functional capabilities, technical infrastructure, and underlying business needs. These factors are often complex and interrelated—all of which adds to the importance of determining the most appropriate upgrade strategy.

The compare between the New Release and Copy of Production is performed during the Initial Pass only. The degree of analysis that follows the compare depends on the number and complexity of customizations in the Copy of Production. In the Move to Production passes, the compare and analysis steps are replaced by export and import scripts that more efficiently incorporate the new release modified objects from the Upgraded Copy of Production into your New Copy of Production.

Release notes are the best starting point for reviewing the technical upgrade requirements.

PeopleSoft Enterprise 9 User Productivity Kit content can save significant time and effort when analyzing business process enhancements. Once the upgrade project is underway, the same content can be leveraged again to efficiently manage test script and training plan creation.

If you are running multiple instances of the PeopleSoft application, your upgrade analysis should examine the value of incorporating instance consolidation into the upgrade project.

Treat upgrades as combined business and technology projects to get the most value out of your Oracle investment. Contact us



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