Media Organizations

SaKaEM Inc. provides solutions and services for  media organizations in order to deliver their content to viewers and readers across the web. As part of this if the media organization requires an ERP Solution we promote or educate on PeopleSoft products . Depending on the size of the organization we work with you to come up with a viable solution , if you feel that PeopleSoft solution is out of reach , we provide Saas solutions based on what all business process that the organization requires.  We come in and meet with SME's and perform an existing inventory of current applications and provide a Life Cycle Management process of the exisitng ones if we see that bringing a new combined solution that will reduce cost and overheard , we will highlight that.  We request you as an organization to give us an opportunity in proving what we are and what we can achive for you.  We believe in "Pay as you grow"  as a result we feel we take the challenge in providing you the initial support and provide results and only if you see value we continue our service for you .. We do not expect any payment upfront.  Consider us for a second opionion , feel free to contact us.